Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 10 Pediatric stories of 2011

Here are the highlights from the Medscape Top 10 for Pediatrics in 2011:
10. How Should We Sedate Children for CT Scans?
What sedative agent is best for sedating children who need head CT scans?
9. Infants Should Sleep on Their Backs: AAP
Recommendations for safe sleep for infants are released.
8. Immunization Resource Center 
In aggregate, articles about ACIP and AAP immunization recommendations produce the highest interest among our pediatrician members. Rather than single out just one of the many popular articles on this subject, you can find them all in our convenient resource center.
7. Is Acetaminophen Harmful in Children?
Just how safe is acetaminophen for kids?
6. Clinical Practice Guideline: Tonsillectomy in Children 
Is your care of children consistent with best practice?
5. AAP Issues New Guidelines for Management of Iron Deficiency
First published a full year ago, the continuing interest in this article speaks to the importance of the topic.
4. AAP Issues Guidelines for UTI Management in Children
The intense interest in these new guidelines is reflected in another top read article in 2011-- an expert interviewwith Maria Finnell, MD, lead author of the accompanying clinical report.
3. New Children's Hospital Rankings Hinge More on Outcomes 
US News & World Report's annual list of the best children's hospitals.
2. I'm Struggling to Live on $160,000 a Year: MD Lament
In a world where rising costs collide with stagnant reimbursements, what was once a fortune may no longer be enough to support your family.
1. Starting Solid Foods: Are We Doing It Right?
Is the decades old practice of starting infants on white rice cereal the best practice?