Thursday, April 28, 2016

Indian parents vaccine Questions - MMR or Measles Vaccine at 9 months?

Query : 
My daughter`s dob is 28thJULY-2015. She is now due for Measles.
Is it better to vaccinate Measles alone or MMR right now_?
Can I vaccinate her Measles vaccine along with JE{japanese encephalitis} vaccine_? 

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) is currently recommending MMR at 9 months in place of Measles.
Even the Govt of India is shifting to MR (Measles & Rubella) in place of Measles.

Taking both JE vaccine and MMR vaccine together is generally not an issue.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Summer Recipes and Health care Tips for your Baby - Guest Blog - Dr Hema

Very topical blog, with helpful inputs for the summer heat & holidays, from the ever resourceful Dr Hema of the Mylittlemoppet fame.

I don’t know about how it is in your place, but it’s sweltering in here! Both kids are having their summer holidays and while they’re having the time of their life, I’m going crazy!
That got me wondering, did our moms feel the same pressure as we do now with our kids? Nah, don't think so .....
In our childhood days SUMMER equals to FUN.I still remember for every summer we used to visit our grand mothers place and have a gala time with our cousins :)
My kids see their cousins maybe twice in a year or even less than that either in a marriage or social gathering, without any time to bond and grow as friends.
Is this same for your kids too ?
Sometimes I feel very guilty that it is only because of our fast paced lifestyle, we are so distant in our relationship. Work pressure, school schedule and with each member of family in different locations permit very little family bonding time :(
My goal this year is to atleast spend a few days with my cousins and their families, and enjoy the same way as we did in our childhood days ,hope it becomes true !! Sigh!!
Did you know ? We turned TWO on March 26th :)
Yes, you heard right, we are in our Terrific Twos and the party is on! We had a Terrific Twos contest last week, and this week, we’re having a little giveaway by Little West Street. Do check out the contest here, as well as the awesome summer collection from Little West Street too!
A birthday is also a time for making new plans, and before we make ours, we’d like to know exactly what you think. Do enter your choice in our poll here so that we can tailor our content to your needs.
Coming to our content, we’ve been having some yummy food on the blog with both sweet and savoury recipes.
Savoury Recipes - Easy Coconut Rice Recipe , Masala Macaroni Recipe (Indian Style)
If you’re looking for some recipes for your little one who’s just started solids, you’ll love our collection of 14 Egg Recipes for Babies ( which includes recipes with just the yolk as well as the whole egg.
In addition to these, be sure to check out our other summer-related posts as well:
This should have you and your family all set to enjoy a safe and fun-filled summer! Enjoy yourselves and keep reading My Little Moppet!
Take Care
Happy Summer

Thursday, April 07, 2016

How to make Purees for Babies - Guest Blog by Dr Hema

We are now going to have regular guest blog posts from Dr Hema, from Little Moppet Store.
Here is the first one

Here are some useful tips in making purees for babies.

1. Sterilize the utensils and mixer jar before making any food.

2. Always steam the vegetables, as steaming preserves the nutrients than boiling the veggies.

3. Make the puree in such a way that it is not tooo watery, (as like it runs off the spoon)

4. To thin out the puree , you can add anyone of the following
  • Boiled and cooled water.
  • Breastmilk
  • Formula milk
5. Most of the babies will not like the taste at first, alternate between various recipes and they will slowly come to love the purees :)
Puree Recipes for Babies

1. Apple Puree

2. Carrot Puree

3. Pumpkin Puree

4. Potato Puree

5. Beet Potato Puree

6. Pear Puree

7. Apple Pear Puree

You can also check out other Puree Recipes Here Puree Recipes