Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Whats new in the India Vaccination Schedule in 2016 - recommendations for Pediatricians by IAP

Here is the summary of changes as recommended by Indian Academy of Pediatrics for 2016.
You can find the details here

Please talk to your pediatrician about these latest changes, and how they impact your children's vaccination in India.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

WHO wants Dengue Vaccine in India - GOI wants trials in Indian subjects

As dengue cases show a steep increase, particularly in Delhi, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended introducing dengue vaccine in highburden countries like India. Two months ago, the apex committee on health, headed by the health secretary, had denied approval to a multinational firm for its dengue vaccine when it sought a clinical trial waiver in India. In May, the committee had concluded that the data presented by the company was inadequate to show the efficacy and immunogenicity of the vaccine in Indians. Immunogenicity is the ability of a substance to provoke an immune response in the body. The government and the regulator are of the view that there is a need to test the vaccine on Indian patients. Sources in the central drug regulator's office said data presented by the firm showed an efficacy rate of around 43%, against the requirement of 70%. The vaccine is approved in four countries, including Mexico, Indonesia and Brazil. "However, the company wants a clinical trial waiver in India and sought approval based on data from its global studies involving 30,000 patients," a senior official in the office of Drugs Controller General of India said.


Dengue Formula of 20 - Remember the Formula of 20 to identify high risk patients:

Dengue Formula of 20 - Remember the Formula of 20 to identify high risk patients: o Rise in pulse by 20 o Fall in upper blood pressure by more than 20 o Rise in hematocrit by more than 20 percent o Rapid fall in platelets to less than 20,000 o More than 20 hemorrhagic spots on the arm in one inch after tourniquet test o Difference between upper and lower blood pressure is less than 20 Start fluid replacement at 20 ml/kg/hour immediately in such patients, and shift to nearest medical center for observation. • The best way to reduce chances of getting the infection is to eliminate the places where the mosquito breeds. Plastic containers, buckets, drums etc. that hold water in and around the home should be kept covered or discarded properly. Outdoors, water containers like pet and animal water containers, flower planter dishes should be emptied and scrub cleaned at least once a week.