Saturday, June 19, 2004

How NOT to increase breast feed!

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA), USA has recently issued a warning that Domperidone, (commonly available in India under various brand names like Domstal, Emitin etc.) should NOT be used by mothers to enhance breast feeding (Reuters health, June 8th). This may lead to heart problems & even sudden deaths in the mother. This information once again highlights the need for pediatricians (& general public) to keep abreast of latest medical information, & not get swayed by various medical representatives claiming “safe” unapproved use of medicines.

TIPS to increase breast milk production include:

Always allow the baby to try Breast milk before trying any supplemental feed;

Increase fluid intake in mother’s diet;

Relaxed position while breastfeeding (for the baby & mother);

Be confident in your ability to breast feed (take the help of more experienced mothers/ grandmothers);

Try not to Bottle Feed; it can cause what is known as ‘nipple confusion’ in the baby wherein he may have difficulty in sucking on the breast. It is preferable to use a spoon & katori (bowl) for supplemental feed.

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