Friday, July 02, 2004

Healthy criticism: Health care in the villages?

A study published in a renowned international journal (Lancet, May 2004) has shown that in rural Rajasthan 41% of 'doctors' do NOT have a medical degree.
Whats more, 68% of clinic visits lead to an injection being given, while only 4 % of cases are investigated.
Almost 45 % of Govt staff are absent from primary health centres, while the health centres themselves are closed for a whopping 56% of the time during regular hours! I knew that our halthcare in the villages was bad, but still this is a real eye opener.
The per capita spending on health of India ($ 4) is far less than even neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka ($ 15) & Bhutan ($ 8).
Thought for the day
Can we really hope to be a developed nation by neglecting our citizen's fundamental right to health?

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