Monday, August 02, 2004

Kids say the darndest things!

Being a pediatrician has its positives, you can mix with business with pleasure!
What I mean is that in an office practice most of the children that I see are either mildly ill or scheduled for a healthy visit, and it can be fun interacting with them.
Plus they come up with some real 'truthful' answers! Check these out

Question to a 5 year old: Do you go to school?
Answer: No
Why not???
Because its the summer holidays!

Question to a 2 year old: So how was your birthday?
Answer: ( after some cajoling by parents): Happy!

Question to 5-6 year old: So do you stay in chandigarh?
Answer: Nope.......
Puzzled redirect question: So where do you stay?
Answer (matter of factly): At my home

As I say,
ask a dumb question........................
get a kid's intelligent answer!

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Anonymous said...

So are these like true incidents or you made them up/ copied them??