Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Heat burns: First Aid

Health Tip: Handling Burns
Would you know what to do if a family member got a thermal burn?
That's the term for a burn caused by contact with open flame, hot liquid, a hot surface, or other source of high heat.
Do you know the 4 C's of burn care (Univ of Missouri)?
Cool the wound, Clean the wound, Cover the wound and Call the doctor

The Shriners Hospitals for Children suggests these steps (HealthDayNews) :

Get the victim away from the heat source as quickly and safely as possible.
Cool the burn with cold water ( not ICE/ icewater).
Cover the area with a sterile pad or clean sheet.
Maintain the person's body temperature and
take the victim to the nearest medical facility.
Do not apply oils, sprays or ointments to a serious burn.
Some other do's and dont's:

For eye burns, seek medical opinion immediately, do NOT put eye drops/ ointments
In case of a small burn, you may apply an antiseptic cream before seeking medical advice
If the burn is larger than the size of the palm (in adults) do seek out a doctor
DO NOT puncture blisters, they are sterile and prevent infection
In case of limb burns, remove constricting things like rings, bangles, belt, boots etc. as it may be difficult to remove them later due to swelling

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