Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Diwali: firecracker safety tips for children

The "festival of lights" Diwali is upon us in India. It is also a "festival of firecrackers" and millions of firecrackers are burnt every year throughout the country celebrating the victory of 'good over evil'. Unfortunately this needles cause of noise and air pollution also has another problem............. firecracker injuries
Here are a few tips to reduce the chance of your child having a firecracker injury:
  • Did you know that most injuries are caused by 2 types of firecrackers, the rocket and the 'anaar'? Avoid the use of the these 2 crackers
  • Never, ever leave children unsupervised when they are playing with crackers.
    Do not light fireworks inside your home.
  • Buy good quality licensed fireworks of reputable vendors. Follow the instructions on the label while lighting them.
  • Before you start the evening, fill a couple of buckets of water in case the untoward happens.
  • Wear cotton clothes only while playing with crackers, keep the silk and satin for the pooja!
  • Close-fitting clothes of thick material are a safer bet than loose or flowing garments.
  • Do not allow your kids to keep fireworks in their pockets.
  • Store crackers away from candles, diyas, fire or heat sources.
  • Light one firework at a time.
  • Do not relight crackers that haven't burst. Soak the 'dead' crackers in a bucket of water.
  • Do not let kids play with used crackers or the previous year's crackers.
  • Don't hold the firecrackers while lighting them.
  • Instruct your kids to light 'anaar' and 'rockets' from the side without bending over them and quickly moving away before they burst.
  • Hold sparklers away from the body.
  • Prevent your kids from engaging in dangerous pranks like lighting crackers on their palms, throwing sparklers at each other or making fireworks themselves.
  • Burn loud and noisy crackers away from infants and small children.
  • Get your kids to invite their friends over and burst fireworks together. Hire a professional to organize a 'group' celebration. Not only can you prettier firecrackers but a safer Diwali too!
    For more on firecracker safety check out Indiainfo and Charak Clinics

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