Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tips to get your child vaccinated pain-less-ly!

1. Choose a pediatrician you trust. A good doctor will have good nurses, and together, they will know how to administer shots quickly and correctly.

2. Present a blase, everything-is-routine attitude, and your child will be more relaxed during pediatrician visits. Trying to reassure her before she gets a shot is not terribly effective, especially for children under 8.

3. Let the doctor and nurse handle your child. Don't cling to her. The doctor and nurse know what they are doing, and their competence will instill confidence in your child.

4. Understand that the injection will most likely be given in the thigh because the fat in the thigh eases the discomfort of the shot.

5. Make a fun little noise to distract her from her shot.

6. Put special adhesive bandages over the injection site. Most pediatricians and hospitals apply child-friendly bandages, such as ones with Pok?mon or Elmo pictured on them.

7. Give stickers as a reward.

8. Praise your child when you leave the pediatrician's office. Don't say, "I know how awful it is to get a shot." Instead, say, "You acted so grown-up in the doctor's office. I am so proud of you."

9. Keep some fun adhesive bandages in the bathroom cupboard. If she wants a fresh bandage over the injection site, give her one.

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