Monday, December 20, 2010

An excellent online toy resource for your child in India

Many parents ask about safe and interesting toys for their toddlers and children.
While a bewildering variety of toys are available in the toy shelfs nowadays in India, choosing the best for our children can be confusing and intimidating.
Many of us try to go for the tried and tested imported brands like Fisher-Price etc.
Doing online search for toys for my daughter, I stumbled upon an excellent company - Early Learning Centre (ELC). This is a Britain based toys manufacturing company creating interesting and somewhat unique toys for children of various age-groups. While as of now, their website does not show any Indian Center, the fact is that these excellent toys are available online at Shoppers Stop website.
Also they seem to be in the process of setting shops in India, and have an outlet in Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi. The toys are very good build (my daugther's & her cousin's rough handling have not made a dent yet!) and are colorful, musical and quite interesting, I must say.
I would recommend that parents flying out from T3 in Delhi certainly take time out to visit this shop. Others can browse through the online collection at Shoppers Stop. This adds to my costs of flying in & out of Delhi :)
Full Disclosure: I am NOT associated with any of the websites mentioned above. I do not have any financial relationship with them either.

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