Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do I need multivitamin tablets?

1. Multivitamin tablets are not needed unless there is a scarcity of a particular vitamin.
2. If you include all seven colors and six tastes in your food, there is no need for vitamin supplementation.
3. Wheat grass and barley grass juice contain folic acid and vitamin B12.
4. Anything which is green contains vitamin B.
5. Anything which is red contains lycopene.
6. Citrus foods contain vitamin C.
7. All dry fruits contain vitamin E.
8. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D.
9. Carrots contain vitamin A.
10. Folic acid is lost if the food is boiled and the water is discarded.
11. Vitamin D is not absorbed if exposed to sunlight is through glass.
12. Vitamin D is not absorbed through clothes if you are fully-clothed in sunlight.
Comments: A very useful blog that should help educate parents regarding the lack of need for multi-vitamin supplements for most children. However, I need to make a full disclosure here, my wife still believes in giving multi-vitamin supplement to my daughter daily, and I let her, for her (my wife's) peace of mind :)

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