Thursday, September 05, 2013

Parent Question : Baby, Child care, Mother Care & Parenting Magazines in India

Question: I have been blessed with a newborn baby, & I want to know which child care magazines to subscribe to?
Answer: I have limited personal experience with magazines for mother & child care in India. However, I have found 'Parenting' to be a good magazine, and had subscribed to it for the clinic for an year too.
Many of the child rearing tips have been very helpful & not known to me too.
Here is a list of some other magazines that are not available in India

1. Parenting
2. Mother & Baby
3. Child
4. Parent Edge
5. Parents India
6. Responsible Parenting - A new magazine focusing more on the mental & emotional aspect of Parenting

You can get details of subscription here

While there are many foreign child care magazines available in India, these magazines mentioned above tend to maintain an Indian focus, and have tips that are generally more useful to Indian parents,
I would welcome any additions and suggestions and reviews by the parents themselves

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