Friday, May 16, 2014

FAQs of Dengue

1. If the dengue mosquito is a day biter, why should we use mosquito net in the night?
The Dengue mosquito or Aedes aegypti prefers to bite during the day but this does not mean that it does not bite in the night also. A mosquito net prevents other bites from other mosquitoes including the Culex mosquito.
2. Up to what distance can a mosquito fly?
A mosquito can fly up to a distance of 100 to 200 meters.
3. How high can mosquitoes fly?
A mosquito can fly as high as 20th floor of a building step by step from one floor to another.
4. Which mosquito produces noise?
The Culex mosquito produces a buzzing noise by the beating of its wings.
5. Why does dengue usually begin in the doctors’ hostel at AIIMS?
The students go on leave/holiday leaving their hostel rooms closed. Water remains collected, where the dengue mosquito can breed.
6. Should an electronic repellant be used to kill the dengue mosquitoes?
Electronic repellants are effective for big sized mosquitoes and flies and may not be effective for malaria and dengue mosquitoes.
7. Should a repellant spray be used in the house?
A repellant spray can be used in the house if the mosquito density is high.
8. How long can the mosquito egg remain alive?
The mosquito egg remains alive for up to a year.
9. Should children wear full sleeve shirt and full length trousers?
Yes, children wear full sleeve shirts and full length trousers. This should be followed through the year.
10. Can the infection be transmitted through mosquito eggs?
Yes, the infection can be transmitted through mosquito eggs.
11. How should water storage vessels be covered?
Water that has been stored for use should be kept covered. You can use a clean old dhoti or any other cloth to cover the water storage vessels.
12. How many meals does a dengue mosquito take in a day?
A dengue mosquito takes 3–4 meals in a day.
13. How many meals does a malaria mosquito take?
A malaria mosquito takes a meal once in three days.
14. How big a feed is taken by a dengue mosquito?
A dengue mosquito takes small frequent meals.
15. What are the similarities between dengue mosquitoes and human beings?
Both dengue mosquitoes and human beings prefer fresh water; they both like decoration, both like AC atmosphere, both like to sleep in the night and remain active in the day time and both like to use coolers and both like to take 3–4 meals in a day.


Dr.Uday Ananth Pai

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