Monday, July 14, 2014

Parent Vaccine FAQ - Unavailability of painless DPT vaccine in India, what to do ...

my baby is 3 and half months old , 1st of DPT is lost in first month becoz of unavilability, then is given the next month by infanrix, now 2nd dose is to b given but infanrex is also shot, what to do plz suggest, how long these vaccines has to b given till 1 year or so, i am worried,plz explain


I can understand your anxiety.
Here is what I have been recommending.
For children who are taking their primary vaccine course (meaning the doses in the first year of life), please use whatever DPT vaccine is available, DO NOT DELAY for more than a few days.
So I would suggest taking the 'normal' DPT (DTwP) vaccine.
You can try taking QUINVAXEM, which 'may' have slightly less chances of fever / pain & swelling as compared to the normal DTwP) vaccines. Otherwise any normal brand like Pentavac, Easy five, Comvac etc can be taken.
If there is significant fever & swelling, give Paracetamol drops to the baby after discussing with your pediatrician.
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