Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Can I breastfeed my baby during / after I have dengue fever?

Q: I had high fever, and I continued to breastfeed my 9 month baby, as my medical doctor told me to. Later I was diagnosed as Dengue, and my pediatrician is not happy with the fact that I breastfed the baby. Now my baby has some cold, and I am worried that he may get dengue from me/ the breast feed?

A: Your pediatrician is probably wrong on this one. this article says that "Anti-dengue activity was found in the lipid component of human milk and colostrum. This suggests that breast feeding will protect the infant from the dengue virus in the endemic area of dengue infection." The study found that breastmilk can contain anti-dengue antibodies. This can help to protect your baby from the infections. 

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