Thursday, November 27, 2014

Measles vaccine - correct age of administration?

Query : 
Measles vaccine should be give at start of 9 months or at completion of 9 months?

A: At completion of 9 months.
Since October 2014, the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) is in fact recommending using MMR in place of measles at 9 months

To avoid any confusion, you can subscribe to a free service by IAP for SMS reminders for vaccination for all parents, 
just do the following

How to register for the service

Parents opt-in to the service by sending a text message by SMS to the national shortcode 566778 from any mobile phone in India, in the following format*** :

Immunize < Space>   
Example : Immunize Rekha 04-11-2013

The phone will immediately receive a confirmation message.
Text message reminders** will  be sent to the phone for 12 years, following the IAPCOI prescribed immunization schedule.  
3 reminders are sent, at 2 day intervals, for each vaccination that is due. An example of a reminder is - "Rekha is due for a vaccination this week, please do not forget to visit your doctor"**

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