Monday, December 01, 2014

Weaning food for 8 month old baby in Kerala, India

Q: Hi sir.Im Frm Kerala. I read ur profile n decided to seek advice.I hav a son of 8 th month. And Im very confused in his food habituats, as its my first experience. In dis mnth I dnt knw wt to gv hm n wt not to. Actually I strtd Frm one f da powder Humana vch is bought Frm Dubai..n I used to gve him banana, boiled n den pureed. N den rice n ny veg lyk carrot Ya beetroot Ya potato boild n pureed.. I wnt to get a full n perfect timetabl Vch will help me. N more advices in health care .....
Thank you

A: Thanks for contacting me,
I understand your concern,
There is no full & perfect timetable :) for feeding a baby.
This is because the baby will NOT follow any time table!
You seem to be going on the right track, since we want to feed basically home made food in a slightly liquid consistency to the baby.
I would recommend using home cooked food, without any significant spices, and then mashing them up, and feeding the child,
There is no need for a specific timetable for most babies.
Check for weight gain, and talk to your pediatrician for any concerns,
You can get some more ideas here

Warm regards
Dr Gupta

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