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7 Activities For Hyperactive Kids – Parenting

Sure your child is hyper—can’t sit in one place, doesn’t follow your instructions, disturbs other people, talks too much, and is over-energetic. Worry not. Just be patient, take a deep breath, be determined to calm him/her, and put his/her high energy levels to good use.
The best way to deal with a hyperactive kid is to engage his mind and body, and channelise their energy. TV and video games do little to channel energy and are a major distraction.
Here are some games and activities to keep your hyperactive child busy and motivated:
Activities : KarateKarate/Martial Arts:
‘Karate’ means empty handed. When kids learn karate, they do different postures and ways to channelise their energy. It also helps them to concentrate and calm their minds. Building confidence, learning to focus, and developing enhanced coordination are just a few of the benefits of martial arts for hyperactive kids.
Photo: David Vega
Outdoor sports:
Outdoor sports like football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and badminton are great Activities: Outdoor sportsactivity for hyperactive kids as there is no standing around time in these games. Your children will be constantly moving and using large muscle groups, keeping them focused and energy-drained. They also get to learn about team spirit, sportsmanship, and competition. If you can’t put them for any outdoor sports, make them take up running, which offers constant movement, health benefits, and a sense of accomplishment.
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Activities: Learning MusicMusic
Music is a great way to unwind after school. Music exercises both sides of the brain at the same time. Thus, calming the brain, which in turn makes your kids multi-task and store information better. When they are part of a band, or sing/play chorus, they learn to be a team player.
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SwimmingActivities: Swimming
Olympic gold-medallist Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9. He took up swimming to master a sport and vent his energy. Swimming is a great exercise for hyperactive kids as it offers constant movement, self-discipline, and calorie-burn.
theatre by kids photoTheatre
Drama or theatre is a creative activity to engage the hyperactive kids. It needs practice, co-ordination, sharp memory, stage confidence, and people skills. It helps the kids to take personal challenges ,and hone their public-speaking skills.
Photo: David Dodge
Activities: Thinking GamesThinking Games
Games like scrabble, chess, matching pairs, etc. are a great exercise for brain. These are an engaging option for hyperactive kids as they make them sit in one place and concentrate. These type of games are ideal for kids with short-attention span and high energy to build their confidence and interest.
Photo: Angie Garrett
Activities: Nature Trails
Nature trails
Nature has its own ways to soothe a hyperactive child. And trust us, kids will love to be in natural surroundings. Trekking, hiking, rock-climbing, rowing, etc. are great options for your bundle of high-energy.
Photo: Jeff Turner
Share your ideas on other engaging activities for hyperactive kids. Do you think outdoor activities are a must in today’s age of gadgets?
Please note: Let’s understand so much, not all active kids are hyperactive. Hyperactivity is different. Parents need to be cautious. Please read about ADHD and hyperactivity
Ekta Sharma Bhatnagar is a writer, dreamer, and a neat-freak mom who is constantly trying to keep pace with her fast-growing, tech-addict kids. A proud mom of two, she is a seasoned media-professional and a self-confessed Bollywood buff. Ekta has written extensively on entertainment, celebs, fashion, careers, workplace dynamics, interiors, lifestyle and parenting for Times Group publications including, Education Times, Economic Times, Mumbai Mirror, Times Property, Wellness Times, regional lifestyle supplements, and many online publications and corporate websites. Follow her on Twitter @ektabhatnagar

Comment: As a pediatrician I see many overactive kids in my clinic. My daughter too is quite active, and I believe that the author above has highlighted a lot of practical and very useful points to manage hyperactive kids. Given that summer holidays are starting, parents would be well advised to look at these options carefully and do the same

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