Thursday, March 10, 2016

Can A Smiling Doctor Cure A Visitor?

While researching on various trends in the healthcare practices, I came across an interesting finding by one of the renowned medical institutes. Cleveland Clinic, USA, through a detailed study of the HCAHPS (patient experience survey) data, found that most of the patients have a better experience when their doctors and caregivers smile more. The findings also said that when the doctors and nurses do not smile, patients interpret it as a means of hiding problems from them which leads to anxiety and impacts the experience. This potentially can create a trust deficit and hence sometimes might result in non-compliance with the prescribed treatment and possible medicolegal hassles for doctors. 
Do you think it is a valid observation? Do you think that a smile can create more trust between doctors and patients? Should adjunct staff personnel be trained regarding better patient care approaches? What are your experiences?

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