Monday, May 09, 2011

TIP - How do I choose "Dr Right" pediatrician for my precious baby?

If you already have a baby, the choice may be obvious for you and quite simple.
However for the first time parents, or when moving to a new location, this may be a cause of significant anxiety.
Here are some tips to help you begin your search for the "right" Pediatrician.
1. Start searching for a pediatrician preferably a couple of months before the delivery. Some babies have no respect for the 'due date' and you do not want to be caught off guard in this situation. Talk to your friends, relatives, ob/gyn & your family doctor.
2. It is very important that your pediatrician should be located close to you, at an easily accessible location, since you are likely to visit him quite often (usually more often than you think!) especially for the first born. Remember that even in the best case scenario, you would have close to 10 visits in the first year itself, so having a convenient location would make your life easier :)
3. Have a face to face meeting with your pediatrician if possible. Many pediatricians may charge for this, so ask in advance. Your level of comfort is important since they are going to be handling your most precious possession ! Try to find out their attitude regarding vaccinations, breast feeding, antibiotic use etc. if possible. You should know the working hours, emergency contact location, and appointment schedules of the clinic, since these vary considerably in practice. Which hospital does your pediatrician admit children too? Do they attend to the emergencies themselves? Try finding about the experience and qualifications of the Pediatrician too, either by asking politely, or by looking around in the clinic. Finally since in India, almost all consultations are self-paid, you would want to be comfortable with consultation charges.
4. Even though the pediatrician is the most important person in making your decision, you would want to see if the reception staff is polite, helpful and if the waiting area is child-friendly.
Remember that choosing a pediatrician is possibly the start of a relationship that could last 18 years or more! Give yourself enough time and data to make an informed choice.
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