Sunday, May 22, 2011

What are some good Internet Resources for Information about Newer Vaccines?

I understand the need for getting the latest unbiased information about the newer vaccines, since many mass media (like newspapers, TV channels etc.) are filled with horror stories regarding drugs and vaccines. Most of these reports, at least in the Indian media, are sensationalized, over simplified and have inaccurate conclusions with the intention of boosting sales. These lead to avoidable panic, and sometimes serious delays in providing appropriate vaccinations to children.
However since the internet is a very democratic medium, and virtually anyone can (& does) provide their opinion online, it can be tough for a parent to search for accurate information online. Here are a few websites that provide excellent, well researched and peer -reviewed information (checked by experts) online.
  1. Indian Academy of Pediatrics - Committee on Immunization - provides latest recommendations for vaccinating children in India.
  2. WHO - Immunization - WHO Position papers on vaccines
  3. CDC - Vaccination
  4. Immunization Action Coalition - Educational material for parents
  5. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Information for parents, especially regarding vaccine safety
  6. PATH - Excellent updated information about vaccination from different resources
  7. National Network for Immunization Information
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