Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is this a measles vaccine side-effect?

Question: About 4 days before measles vaccine administered to my 9 months old twin daughters. From yesterday they suffering 101 fever with mild stomach upset and pain.they not able to eat and feed as they vomit after that. Whether this is due to measles vaccination if yes then how long this problem persist.

Answer: The measles vaccine occasionally causes side effects in kids who don't have underlying health problems. The most common reactions are fever 6-12 days after vaccination (in about 5%-15% of kids vaccinated) and a measles-like rash, which isn't contagious and fades on its own (in about about 5% of vaccinated kids).
What you are describing is likely due to a viral infection, and should improve over the next few days,
Dr Gaurav Gupta

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