Thursday, September 25, 2014

Daily breakfast may lower diabetes risk in children

Having breakfast daily could protect children against developing type 2 diabetes later. This is the outcome of a British study published in "PLOS Medicine". Above all, if the food is rich in fibre, it has a particularly beneficial effect on the diabetes risk profile.
Researchers at St. George's, University of London as well as the Universities of Oxford and Glasgow, studied the breakfast habits of 4,000 school children (aged nine or ten years). They also evaluated blood samples and other physical measurements as well as dietary data.
The results showed that children who ate breakfast daily had better diabetes risk profiles than children who only had breakfast irregularly or not at all. Body fat, socioeconomic status or activity levels had no impact on the results.
According the scientists, a high-fibre meal was the most beneficial. These children had the lowest insulin resistance.
The results would once again confirm the long-term importance of a daily breakfast. "It is concerning to note that more than 1 in 4 children in our study reported not eating breakfast every day. For children, eating a sensible breakfast every day, one which is high in fibre, may well help to reduce future risk of developing type 2 diabetes", says study leader Angela Donin from St George's, University of London.
Comment: Another reason why we should NOT skip breakfast for ourselves and our children too.

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