Friday, September 26, 2014

Newborn Parenting FAQs - Is my baby not getting enough breast feed ?

Q: Sometimes baby looks fussy even after his he not getting enough breast milk?

A: In most cases the answer would be NO. There are three ways that you can easily use to try to establish if the breast feed is adequate.
1. Weight gain - Check the weight on a digital machine and see if the child is gaining weight properly. You can talk to your pediatrician when you go for vaccinations regarding this as well.
2. Urine color & frequency - If the baby is exclusively in milk, then ALL the urine is because of the water in the milk. Hence a large quantity of almost water color urine suggests that the breast feed is adequate.
3. Hungry after feeding - This is widely misinterpreted. A baby may cry or be fussy for many reasons, since he/ she is unable to communicate in any other way. You would need to see if the baby is consolable (not likely to be hungry), and if there may be some other reason - like they are bored, wet, thirsty etc. before labeling this fussiness due to a lack of breast milk.

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