Monday, October 12, 2015

India Parent FAQs - Vaccine Rotavirus Shortage

Query : 
My baby is 6 months old now. 2 nos. Rotavirus vaccine {Rotatec} is given to her. But now 3rd vaccine is not available in market. And I search on internet that, rotavirus vaccine should not be given after 8 months of age. Is completing all 3 dosage are necessary. Shall the 3rd vaccine can be given after 8 months or 2 vaccines are enough.

Answer : 

You are quite correct that Rotateq is not available at present.
Also unlike other vaccines, this HAS to be completed below a certain age(8 months max) .
The good news is that the Rotavirus vaccine can be substituted by a different brand in case of any shortage.
So I would recommend that you can take the last dose of Rotarix / Rotavac without any problems.
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