Friday, October 30, 2015

India parent vaccine questions - Gap between different vaccines - Hepatitis A & MMR vaccine?

Question : 
My son is 5 years and 4 months old boy. He had his MMR2 vaccine yesterday. His Pediatrician is saying that he is ready to take Hepatitis A1 vaccine next week.

My question, can he take Hepatitis A1 vaccine first dose next week or not?
Should be there any days interval between two vaccines ?

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Answer :

There is no need to have a gap between MMR & Hep A vaccine. Your pediatrician is right in suggesting that it can be taken next week.
A gap of 1 month is needed between 2 injectable live vaccines ONLY. These include Chicken Pox, MMR, BCG, measles, Yellow Fever etc. 2 Injectable Live vaccines can be given on the same day OR at a gap of 1 month.
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