Monday, July 11, 2016

Dog bite AFTER taking Rabies vaccination - how long does it protect in India?

Q: Dear sir,
Good evening, 
I am research scholar in mathematics department in Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani campus.
I want to discuss one thing with you.
Sir I am previously vaccinated with 5 doses of rabies vaccine in last of May 2016. On 1 July, I am again bitten by a dog so I take two doses of rabies vaccine as required. But after one day of completion of two doses course of rabies vaccine, I am again bitten by a street dog. What should I do sir? Can previous two doses course protect me? How long this two doses course protect me from another bite?
Please help sir, I shall be grateful to you.
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A: Hi,
Generally speaking, the Rabies booster doses protect you for around 1 year.
So you do not need to take a booster shot for this particular bite.
Always talk to your doctor before taking any specific decision about your health,
Warm regards
Dr. Gaurav Gupta.

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