Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to Battle the Infections this Monsoon? Guest Blog by Dr Hema

Dear Parent,
The rains are here and how!!! How is the monsoon treating your area - lots of showers or just drizzles? We're having intermittent showers that are certainly a respite from the heat, but are also bringing along their evil friends - infections! So how do you help your little one stay happy and healthy this monsoon?
One of the biggest effects of the changing weather is decreased immunity. Improve your kids' immunity by making sure they eat well, drink lots of water, get proper sleep and stay active.
Here are some posts about the kind of food you can feed your child this season.
And it's not just food, drinks are also important! Avoid chilled beverages and opt for warm ones like these:
Another common problem is infection of the skin and eyes. Let kids wear full sleeve clothing to stay protected from insects. Teach them to wash hands properly and not to keep touching their eyes, face or mouth. For more practical tips regarding health care during monsoons, check out this post.
Most infections that occur during monsoons are viral and antibiotics may not help. Here is more aboutwhy you should skip the antibiotics this monsoon.
And when it's pouring outside, the little bundles of energy can't go out and are likely to get bored! Keep them occupied and happy with a boredom box; go here to find out how you can make one for your child
Take care

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