Monday, February 16, 2015

Can a pregnant women take the Swine Flu Vaccine in India?

Q: Can a pregnant women take the Swine Flu Vaccine in India? 

A: One of the most important categories where swine flu can cause a lot of complications and even death are pregnant women. Therefore, in most developed countries like Australia, US, UK  & Canada, it is a recommended vaccine (just like tetanus) and ALL PREGNANT Women are supposed to take the Influenza vaccination.
In India too, it is recommended that ALL PREGNANT WOMEN take the Flu vaccine anytime during pregnancy to prevent getting the flu disease for themselves, and also as importantly to protect the unborn baby too. This is because the unborn baby cannot be given the vaccination even after they are born for at least 6 months.
However, care must be taken to only give the injectable inactivated Flu vaccine and NOT the Live nasal flu vaccine during pregnancy.

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