Thursday, February 19, 2015

I want to know about Painless vaccines - which should I take for my child?

Query : 
Hi, I would want to know about painless vaccines. My pediatrician had asked if I would like to give painless vaccine and has also asked to decide from prevenar 13 and synflorix. Can you please guide.
A: The so called painless vaccines are actually causing LESS pain and fever, and are NOT completely painless.
Also, there are some studies recently that suggest that the older DPT (DTwP) vaccines are slightly more effective.
Hence, I normally recommend that parents consider taking the regular (DTwP) vaccine as the first dose (at 1.5 months in India) and then if there is a reaction - fever, pain swelling etc., then they can take the painless vaccine the next time onward.

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