Thursday, February 05, 2015

Swine Flu H1N! comes back to India in 2015 - get vaccinated !

Swine Flu or influenza  caused by H1N1 type of virus is a particularly dreaded form of influenza and carries with it significant amount of morbidity and mortality. This can be prevented by regular hygiene measures and by taking annual shots of the flu vaccine.  
More than 191 deaths due to Swine Flu have already been reported in the month of Jan 2015 in India (source)
This relatively inexpensive vaccine can readily prevent swine flu and influenza due to other viruses and is recommended in all individuals more than six months of age. For booking an appointment for the flu shot either contact your family physician or get appointment here
You can read more about cases of Swine flu & it related news in some of these links

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