Monday, February 16, 2015

Vaccination FAQ: Painless DPT in India - any extra side-effects, which to choose ?

Query : 
My son is now 47 days. My doctor gave him painless vaccines {rotavirus1 and PCV1} just today {16th Feb,2015}.
Initially I do not have knowledge on painless and painful type. So after injected those, I searched on internet regarding the effect of painless and painful topic.

I just learned few things. One parents wrote that their daughter is suffering from cold and cough for long days and any doctors were not able to diagnose the exact cause. But after few days one popular pediatrician told them that this is the side-effect of Painless vaccines.

Could you please clarify it. Or I am doing wrong thing by choosing painless vaccine.


Thanks in Advance.
You are not doing any wrong by choosing the painless vaccine.
This is the 'standard' vaccine that almost all children are getting in the developed countries.
There is no evidence to suggest that children get more cold & cough with painless vaccinations, this is incorrect.
The only argument against painless vaccine (other than expense) is that there is some evidence to suggest that the painful vaccine may be slightly more efficacious that the painless one, but for an individual child both options are fine.
There is no additional side effect of taking the Pain-less vaccine.

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